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Synology is very well received in the SOHO market place and we are seeing more take-up for data retention and backup purposes. The equipment is affordable and once set up within a robust network infrastructure, good performance with durability of product can be achieved which is why their market share is increasing.


Synology products are ideally suited for use with Datastor Backup Software, giving unparalleled data deduplication performance allowing a massive increase in storage capacity and data retention, allowing years of daily backups to be retained without additional increased capacity.

Software Suite

A really good point with Synology is the amount of software that is bundled with the hardware, it allows amongst other things tools for developers to increase productivity on say web design when working with WordPress, Prestashop, Magento or many blog or CMS ecommerce products. The list of items is vast, and menu driven to easily create VPN’s, Camera surveillance set-up and so on. You can even host your own web site for free.

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