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Backup Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know for 2019

When observing tech trends, it is clear that data is rapidly becoming the new oil and often the most valuable asset of a company. It is also widely reported that the volume of ransomware attacks is expecting to rise this year following the 11.5 percent rise last year. Once again, this highlights why it is essential to perform a regular backup and protect data from being infected, encrypted or deleted.

Despite the risks and increasing awareness, 60% of small businesses still fail to protect their data on a daily basis. Here at First Forward, we strongly recommend “implementing a data backup software” as the top resolution for 2018 and adopting a proactive, rather than reactive approach to securing your company data.

If your needs range from data archiving to big data, simple file backup to resilient always available networking we can offer a solution that will meet your requirements.

By working as a Partner with companies like Datastor, Macrium, Quantum, Qsan to name but a few we can draw on their expertise to offer you the very best solution, future proofing your business, allowing you to maintain that competitive advantage.

Datastor is a true leader in data deduplication, an excellent product for;

  • Remote backup, this is because of it’s low bandwidth and self healing architecture in the event of a dropped or intermittent connection it is able to maintain data integrity.
  • Data archiving due to high compression and limited storage requirements. We also offer this as a fully managed service into your or our cloud services.

Macrium offers:

  • Best recovery time, with the ability to instantly fire up an image backup as a virtual machine that was created from either a virtual  or physical machine backup to give you the fastest recovery in the event of a major outage.

If you require a more resilient IT infrastructure with always on capabilities, this can be offered with Veeam or Commvault/Quantum.
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