Datastor – Guide for Using Your Daily Checkup Report, Plus Ransomware Countermeasures

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Use the Checkup Report for Daily Review

The Checkup Report is embedded directly in the email sent to recipients and marked with “High Importance” when a problem needing attention is indicated, making it easier to zero in on problems. The goal is to help you work more efficiently and have greater confidence that backups are working as expected.

Lockdown Your Backup From Ransomware

With ransomware attacks on the rise, you need redundant, secure backups. Learn more on how to prevent ransomware encryption of your DATASTOR storage and implement storage redundancy for expanded recovery options.

Is your IT staff short on time or would you like to off-load some of the daily management of your backups so your staff can focus on other business critical issues? DATASTOR’s Managed Hybrid Cloud Backup Service is the answer.

  • This premium but affordable service includes an on-site hardware appliance, DATASTOR Shield backup software, Premium Support including setup of your daily backup, daily review of backup reports, periodic validation testing and support case creation for any errors or warnings that pop up and offsite cloud storage with military grade AES-256 encryption.

Thinking about adding Cloud to your current backup strategy? Getting data offsite is a critical element to any backup strategy. We’ve made it easy with our Amazon S3 integration. With our solution, you manage your encryption key, so only you can access your data. Military-grade strong AES-256 encryption means your data is secured before it’s sent offsite.  Visit our website for more info.