DATASTOR Shield™ hybrid cloud network backup solutions with 2 ways to buy:  Full Service Data Protection & Recovery (DraaS or MBRS) or Software Only.

Datastor Features

Reduce storage space needed by 20x

Datastor inimitable patented Global Source-Side Deduplication reduces storage requirements by identifying and removing redundant data. This reduction in Data effectively increases your storage capacity actually allowing you to store 20x more data on the same device when compared to conventional backup methods.

Reduce Storage Space

Best Backup Software

Backups that are 10x faster

Datastor Genuine Source-Based Deduplication optimises data at the source prior to its transfer across your network, this process means your backup window reduces by 10x.

Never worry your data is unsafe

This obviously is an important point, Three levels of data verification ensure recoverability of data.  An an ongoing basis, data is continuously tested for referential and data integrity.  Data with errors are quarantined and queued for self-healing. This ensures long-term availability of data.

Best Backup 2019

Reliable Backups

Easy backups, easy recovery

Intuitive user interface offering simple, easy-to-use, drag and drop, point-in-time functionality. Secure, protected, automated backups assure that your data is backed up coherently from a specific point in time, so your data is always accessible and available when the need arises.

Service and support that makes sense

With a straightforward pay-as-you-grow licensing arrangement that includes SQL and Exchange support, rest assured that an extremely knowledgeable service team will make every support interaction as painless and successful as possible.

Service & Support


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We are confident that by taking a trial you will be impressed by the performance claims. You can experience 30 days unrestricted product features, from the powerful patented deduplication technology, self healing architecture all with support if the need arises. Just drop us a message below or give us a call on 01953 886544

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