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  • eCommerce Website Design – Norfolk

    eCommerce is growing fast. Don’t lose out on a potential Global market, embrace the technology and watch your business grow.

    Our eCommerce Website Design is also built for mobile eCommerce, so rest assured you will be future proofed with our web design, to work on any device not just a Laptop or PC. eCommerce is one of the fastest growing markets for any business across the globe. It allows you to target product by geo-location through the www. Amazing that even today large corporations have been slow to adapt and take up eCommerce, as a result they have seen competitors accelerate away with their lost sales opportunities.

    At First Forward we use popular open-source eCommerce platforms. Using WordPress or Prestashop, they are both widely used as our standard product. Both these platforms offer the very best that eCommerce has to offer, allowing high customer throughput and multi user shop back end, allowing your online business to have a large reserve capacity already built in for when the need arises.

    We have already made a statement that open-source platforms are our preference, but you are the customer and if you are after a truly bespoke shop engine and design not based on open-source, we can discuss your requirements with our design team to deliver a truly unique web site.

  • Prestashop Dash

    Click on the image above to get an idea of a typical shop Admin area.

  • So how much is all this going to cost?

    Well to be truthful and fair to you (and ourselves) we cannot say until we sit down with you and discuss exactly what your requirements are. We have previously built a small site for a customer selling a couple of author’s books, total cost was a few hundred pounds, but that could expand somewhat to produce an Enterprise class site.

    However what we can say is this: we will always be competitive, professional and go that extra mile to deliver. Remember we also carry out web site maintenance and on-going staff training if the option is required.

    Call now on 01953 886544 or fill out the contact form if you have any questions.