First Forward was established in October 1997. The journey on the road of IT had begun.

As you are all aware the information technology environment has changed considerably from this date. Amazingly, our first website was produced with the help of Microsoft’s Word. Nevertheless, the results were sufficient to be competetive in the earlier days.

We started business offering computer peripherals and accessories, then  expanded on to selling new Sun Microsystems workstations and servers concentrating on UNIX operating system machines –  including, upgrades and networking products. Generally speaking our customer base was within the Financial Banking Sector: Citybank, Barclays, Deutche Bank, Natwest and Saudi Bank; Travel Industry: Thomson’s Holidays (now TUI); Car Industry: BMW, TRW; Health Industry: the NHS and other companies: Argos, CHELL Instruments, Shell UK Oil, Exxon Oil .

Working with these large corporations nationally and internationally was and still is very rewarding. The quality of customer service  determines the survival of a company through the test of time.

The Internet changed the way we had to do business;from a hardware supplier to a Value Added Reseller as it was known back then. Today we have to offer the whole package: support services, network and configuration setup, advice and cosultancy. Understanding our customers’ business is paramount to us.

Our success is attributed to listening to the customer, delivering in an efficient and timely manner.

MD – David Hardy

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