Quantum DXi4700 Series

  • DXi4700 Deduplication Appliance

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    The deduplication appliance with Capacity-on-Demand scalability, designed for entry-level and mid-range environments.

    Deduplication saves you time while reducing disk and bandwidth by over 90%

    Restore any data at near backup speed

  • DXi4700  provides:

    • Highest Efficiency, single platform enables significant power and footprint savings Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability
    • Simple, predictable & easy-to-install storage capacity Broadest Capacity Range, single platform supports all entry to midrange configurations Ease-of-Use
    • Single platform for a variety of needs enables significant time and money savings Industry-Leading Price per TB,  enables a quick return on investment Enterprise-Class Data Availability
    • Ensures reliable recovery and access Comprehensive Data Security
    • Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) protect against data breach


  1. ONE SOLUTION FOR PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL PROTECTION, Combine the power and flexibility of deduplication with the simplicity and affordability of a VM using your current infrastructure.
  2. RESTORE VMs IN MINUTES NOT HOURS, Quantum enables you to return to operation much more quickly in a virtualized environment.
  3. MAKE BUSINESS CONTINUANCE/ DISASTER RECOVERY VIABLE FOR ANY SITE, Efficient disaster recovery of physical and virtual data, no matter your size.
  4. DRAMATICALLY REDUCE BACKUP SIZES & TIMES, Deduplication saves you time while reducing disk and bandwidth by over 90%.
  5. N-TIER ARCHITECTURE MATCHES DATA COST TO VALUE, Our N-tier architecture matches the total cost of storage and protection to the value of the data.
  6. SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE SCALING, Our easy-to-deploy solutions adapt to your growing needs.
  7. RESTORE ANY DATA AT NEAR BACKUP SPEED, Minimize operational interruptions with maximum restore speed.


  1. Increased Upper Capacity > Increase data retention periods for faster restore
  2. 4TB Drives > Backup storage consumes less rack space and less power
  3. Hot Spare > Automatic replacement of a failing/failed disk drive to enable continued backup and restore operations without unplanned system degradation
  4. Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) > Data-at-Rest security protects against data breach from physical removal of disk drives
  5. Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability > License-based, cost-effective capacity increments to manage data growth and provide storage capacity provisioning
  6. Best-in-Class Performance > Manage growth in constrained backup window. Up to 5.0TB/hr (native performance) provides fastest in-class performance Bundled Licensing Provides lower total end-user cost and simpler end-user integration
  7. End-to-end data validation > End-to-end data verification and correction capabilities (hardware and software features) designed to deliver high levels of data integrity throughout the end-user data lifecycle


Quantum DXi4701 vs. EMC Data Domain Deduplication Feature Comparison

The Quantum DXi4701 provides all of the same features and then some of the EMC DD620, DD2500 and Symantec NBU
5230 while offering the lowest price/TB of any of these systems.

Comarison EMC and Symantec