Web Hosting

We offer web hosting in a couple of ways, as a service by us fully by maintaining your website taking care of domain renewals to site updates leaving you free to get on with your business. Most Companies use this option but if you are more hands on, after we setup your installation we can hand over the keys so to speak. Either way is fine by us after all we are always a phone call away if you need help and assistance.

The costs for basic domain hosting for most sites initially is fairly cheap at around £100/150 per year,  that secures web site backup and restore if the need arises, if however you have high traffic requirements the costs will rise, by how much depends on your requirements. If for example you need a dedicated server with high CPU and memory requirements within a secure environment and bandwidth between 5Tb to 20TB per month this can vary between £150 to £350 per month.

For further information call 01953 886544 or send an email via our contact page.